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About Us

Welcome to SB Cleaning Services, where quality, commitment, service, and trustworthiness have made us one of the most sought after company in the commercial carpet cleaning industry in Singapore. Provide the best upholstery cleaners & carpet cleaning specialists in Singapore. SB Cleaning Services bring you quality carpets and upholstery cleaning with pledge to quality and highest standards. If you really wish to find your carpet cleaned in the best way then taking the right steps in looking

Services that we offers

  • Post Renovation Cleaning
  • Data Centre Maintenance
  • Vinyl / Parquet & Marble Floor Maintenance
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Carpet Installation
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Office Part Time Cleaners

SB Cleaning understands that post renovation cleaning work is a stressful process for any home or business owner. After renovations you find excessive dust and filth everywhere, sand, plaster, paint spots on the floors; thick layers of dust on all appliances, furniture and windows plague the surroundings. The mess left after renovation poses a new set of problems apart from the fact that it is very unpleasant and frustrating. Instead of enjoying your newly renovated place, you have to worry about the cleaning.

Data Centre Maintenance

We understand how necessary it is to keep data centres and mission critical environments clean as they are the nerve centres of your business. Data Centres are supposed to be reliable and provide peak performance without fail. Down times would affect your productivity and lead to loss of work and revenue. Our highly trained cleaning technicians take utmost care while handling your data centre equipment, and all of our work is backed with multiple years of experience.


Parquet & Vinyl flooring is decorative, durable and relatively easy to maintain. Both parquet and vinyl flooring have a comfortable underfoot touch and are warmer than tile floorings. Hardwood floors are highly durable, but require regular maintenance and cleaning. Using the wrong cleaner could discolor or stain hardwood floors. Your wood floor will need periodic maintenance to keep it looking its best and preserve its life expectancy. Every year, you'll need to reseal the wood to protect it from the elements. Scratches and other blemishes will also accumulate with time. When this occurs, stripping, sanding, and refinishing can work miracles for a wood floor.


Usually people wash their bed sheets and pillows regularly but overlook mattresses. Mattresses are an integral part of our life as we need to sleep on them for at-least 8 hours every day. Contaminated, stained and dirty mattresses can create actual health problems for you and destroy the quantity and quality of your sleep. Regular professional mattress cleaning can eliminate allergens including mildew, pollen spores, bugs and mites thereby extending the life of your mattress as well as improving your overall health.


When it comes to the installation and maintenance of carpet, SB carpet cleaning team is the specialist. Carpet installation should be well planned with accurate measurements, correct seam placement with transitions and detail areas requiring special considerations, such as unusual room shapes, file cabinets, borders, etc. Our skilled professionals bring craftsmanship and artisan skill to your carpet installation.


Soft furnishings and upholstery is not only your largest investment in terms of cash but is also the focal point in your residential and commercial settings - areas where first impressions really count and visitors or guests usually pass through. Sofas, armchairs,office chairs and foot-stools are slammed by lots of dirty hands, feet, dust and food leftovers or spills including oils and grease.


SB Cleaning Services is the most professional company when it comes to commercial & residential carpet cleaning in Singapore. Whether office or industrial, we can remove all the things that make carpets look dingy, flat and cause them to wear out. The carpet in your business represents significant capital investment for your company and also plays a major role in an office environment. With experience, expertise and latest equipment we are going to fix your commercial property carpet cleaning requirements.


In today’s fast paced environment, most people face trouble to find trusted and experienced part time office cleaners. We understand your concern; it’s bothersome to arrange reliable and skilled part time cleaners.

What our client says

Peter Wang


I haven’t used much carpet cleaners but after indulging with SB Carpet Cleaners, I really don’t give much thought on switching to any other Carpet Cleaners. They are real professionals who know how to meet client’s expectations. I am happy with their services and would love to keep them as long as cleaning of carpets and Office is concerned. I would also recommend their services to others.

Jacqueline Ng

Admin Department

I was not happy with the service of my Carpet Cleaners for 2-3 years, till I met SB Cleaning Services and I am with them for 2 years now. They have just changed my view regarding Carpet cleaners and I just love their timely service and the extra effort they put for making their clients happy. Thank you, SB Cleaning Services.