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Usually people wash their bed sheets and pillows regularly but overlook mattresses. Mattresses are an integral part of our life as we need to sleep on them for at-least 8 hours every day. Contaminated, stained and dirty mattresses can create actual health problems for you and destroy the quantity and quality of your sleep. Regular professional mattress cleaning can eliminate allergens including mildew, pollen spores, bugs and mites thereby extending the life of your mattress as well as improving your overall health.

Our process of mattress cleaning injects new lease of life in your mattress. Our technologically advanced process is also effective for bed bug prevention and reduces illness. Phosphate and ammonia free cleaning solutions are an integral part of our cleaning process and has ingeniously been added to our mattress cleaning process to promote healthy environment and improve air quality around you.

SB cleaning service is your local Singapore based mattress cleaning company that will ensure that you have pleasant sleep with a smile. We offer most effective and cost friendly mattress cleaning service in Singapore. Get in touch with us to have all your mattresses professionally cleaned.

With our mattress cleaning singapore service, just within an hour you could have months of serene sleep knowing that your mattress is as clean as it could be.

Results may vary from mattress to mattress depending upon age of mattress, when it was last cleaned and kind of spots it has.