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Soft furnishings and upholstery is not only your largest investment in terms of cash but is also the focal point in your residential and commercial settings - areas where first impressions really count and visitors or guests usually pass through. Sofas, armchairs,office chairs and foot-stools are slammed by lots of dirty hands, feet, dust and food leftovers or spills including oils and grease.

No matter whether your office chairs or upholstery fabric is of cotton, linen or silk, it needs regular cleaning to ensure that it doesn’t have to be replaced prematurely. Extending the life-span of your sofas and armchairs is important and can be achieved through regular upholstery cleaning. Gentle fabrics require gentle approach. Bearing that in mind SB cleaning can provide you with the professional touch which can exponentially increase the life span of your upholstery.

SB cleaning experts shall not only leave your sofas, chairs and stools sparkling clean but also make your commercial or living space free of allergens thereby leaving healthy environment around you to breathe-in. Ambience that is free of dust, sand, grit, mites, pests etc.

We make use of most advanced upholstery cleaning technology used in the industry.

Fabric Partition

Fabric partitions are a cost effective way of quickly dividing an area for multiple uses. As such fabric partition systems are widely used where the configuration of the room needs to be changed quickly and easily.

The fabric coating on the individual panels of the partition system can be efficiently cleaned and contains antimicrobials to protect against mildew, mould, fungi and bacteria.

Designed for top track hanging, fabric room partitions are lightweight, easy and smooth to operate and do not cause any obstruction on the floor space.

For more information about our fabric partition request a quote or call one of our team on 9005 9493.

Contact SB cleaning for superior quality cleaning of your sofas, chairs, couches, bean bags, cushions and other upholstery. In Singapore, we are known for Cleanest and freshest upholstery cleaning commitment.

Final results may vary from upholstery to upholstery depending upon kind of spots and age of the upholstery